Here are some common questions about Compliance Time

Your Learning

Are the Courses expert-led?

Yes. We normally work closely with at least two subject matter experts to build the curriculum and then craft individual lectures. Where necessary we also ask additional experts to review the completed course for both accuracy and clarity.

Expert-led training ensures a quality learning experience for all users.

How do I use the FLEXLinks document?

Think of it as the cited references at the end of a research paper. The document includes links to key websites and documents that are relevant to each lecture in the Course.

We include key source documents and also additional resources for you to read at your leisure if you would like to broaden your knowledge.

We strongly suggest that you download the FLEXlinks document into a new folder on your local drive, and use this folder to store any other useful documents that you download from the Web.

What is “microlearning?”

Our goal is to make sure that our training fits your schedule and needs.

We break our content down into short video lectures – typically running 3-15 minutes. You can not only fit these short lectures into your busy schedule, but this granular approach makes it really simple to go back and re-run any lecture as a quick reference if needed.

Can I view the lectures more than once?

Yes. We design each module to be self-contained, and to have a logical flow, but you may view lessons in any order and as many times as you wish.

This means that you can browse the curriculum to find areas that you are not sure of, and quickly learn just what you need to know.

How do I obtain support?

Simply email support@compliancetime.com, and we will automatically raise a ticket. Our support team will then work to help you with your issue as quickly as we can.

What is the Certificate of Completion?

If you pass the Final Quiz at the end of each Course you may print a Certificate of Completion. You will only have three attempts at this Final Quiz, so please make sure that you are ready!

The Certificate may be required by your Supervisor or others to add to your training record.

How do I provide feedback?

Simply complete the feedback section at the end of each Course. This will help us to make sure that our Courses remain vital and engaging.

If you would like to provide additional feedback just email us at: feedback@compliancetime.com.

Our Courses

Is the content SCORM compliant?

Yes, we publish all courses to the SCORM 2004 standard. We can also offer XAPI or Tin Can compliant content if you require this.

Can we host your Courses on our internal LMS?

Yes, although this requires a small additional handling charge and some additional reporting by your LMS team to help us manage your license.

Business Terms

Do you offer a Free Trial?

We post sample lectures from each Course on our Compliance Time website – you can find them by clicking on the “FREE Sample” menu item above. This helps you to make sure that our content and delivery meets your needs.

If you need a more in-depth trial, please contact us at: sales@compliancetime.com.

What discounts are available?

We offer an automatic 30% discount for academic users (requires a suitable email address), and further discounts for users from low to middle income countries (LMIC).

We also offer additional discounts to organizations that purchase multiple Courses and also multiple users for any Course.

If you need additional information, please email us at: sales@compliancetime.com.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a pro-rated discount for the first 30 days, based on how much of the course has been viewed by the purchaser.

Working with Us

How can I make suggestions for a new Course?

We welcome suggestions for both adding material to existing courses and adding new courses. Simply email us at information@medicineinpractice.com or call us at (570) 245-0460, ext. 110 and make your suggestion.

Do you offer custom Courses?

We will certainly consider custom courses. For example, some customers are interested in a short training program that covers their internal standard operating procedure (SOP) on the clinical registry. Please do not hesitate to call or email to discuss how we might help with a custom course.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please email us at info@medicineinpractice.com or call us on +1 570.245.0460 ext. 110